G. DAMAS recommends Memphis Tours to visit Egypt

I’ve recommended Egyptian guides and travel agencies to my readers since 2009. My audience was only in Portugal and Brazil (Portuguese language). The English version of my blog arrived in 2023, reaching several countries.

Readers now ask me to recommend services for tourism in Egypt offered in English and other languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German. A partnership with Memphis Tours appeared as an honest way to follow.

Memphis Tours, serving people worldwide since 1955, is based in the United Arab Emirates and has offices in other countries, including Egypt. They’ve built a solid reputation that we can easily confirm on the web. Their huge team works hard to offer good quality services at reasonable prices. Whether you want to join a group or get a customized itinerary, they’ll have something for you.

I suggest you message me via email or Telegram to talk about what you want and need to visit Egypt. It’s a pleasure to get involved with my readers. I’ll then forward the conversation to the appropriate person on Memphis Tours. I’m sure they will give you special treatment because you reach them through me.

They are responsible for the offers and services offered during your trip. And before you ask: Yes, I get a percentage from them, which is natural. I am honest, transparent when recommending someone or something on my blog. For this reason, I never accept paid content to keep me independent and unbiased. It’s important to emphasize that you will not pay extra to purchase a plan through this partnership. On the contrary, I believe they might have a special price for you to keep the partnership alive… with the blessing of the good Egyptian gods. 😉

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