Cafe Freud: In Vienna, a place that honors Sigmund Freud

On one of my trips to Vienna, I finally visited the Freud Museum. It’s a delightful place that I’ll show in this blog, with lots of photos, videos, and tips for your time there.

Today’s tip is about a place next to the museum — just a few steps away: Cafe Freud.

Hum… Freud and coffee… Interesting, Damas.

Yes, it is.

I don’t have a psychoanalytic couch and a cigar, but I invite you to come with me now. Let’s have a coffee.

Cafe Freud

I turned left in front of the Freud Museum and spotted an esplanade with small white tables. A cafe. The places’ name was absolutely logical and an intelligent marketing strategy.

In front of Cafe Freud.
The Freud Museum is in the background. Here, the cafe is on my left.
Cafe Freud: external area.
Entrance to the Cafe Freud.

Curious, always exploring everything during my trips, I obviously had to enter there.

I found a charming, friendly space with a lovely staff. They mainly devoted the decor to (guess what!) Sigmund Freud, preserving an old touch and a positive atmosphere of “grandma’s house.” The most exciting detail was a table reserved for Dr. Freud as if he was still alive and about to get there. So funny and exciting!

Inside Cafe Freud

Always want a coffee? It’s your mother’s fault

Inside Cafe Freud
Wait, there’s MOZART too!
Inside Cafe Freud
Inside Cafe Freud
A table is reserved for Dr. Freud.
Please, do not take this table; it’s reserved for Dr. Freud. He’ll be here soon.

Clever, uh?

You certainly read this post because you admire Freud’s works. So, I suggest you go to Cafe Freud after visiting the Freud Museum. Sit down, relax, and reflect on everything you saw in the museum moments ago while taking your holy caffeine and choosing something to eat.

Great idea, Damas! And, who knows, maybe Dr. Freud gets there just in time?

Freud and mom

Yes, you could be that lucky. But be careful because he might say, “It’s your mother’s fault.” 😉


Cafe Freud’s address is Berggasse 17, Vienna. Find it now on Google Maps.

My respectful compliments to your mom. 🌷

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